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Guangzhou Feng Da Packaging Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006 by a young tool designer, Kevin Luo, who enjoyed the challenge of building machinery that could generate high quality products. While his first equipment was designed to create baking cup, he quickly saw the need to build machinery that delivered premium quality disposable products, specifically, muffin cup, tulip cup and baking mold.

Why Choose Us:

What is the difference between other company s and us?

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Please check below FAQ,then you can learn about our company in 2 minutes 


 1. What is the difference between us and other China competitor? 

Our company is focus on make the same paper product like Italy Novacart and Eco pack (the most famous company in the baking packaging in all over the world) In China, only we focus on this,so our products is very suitable for foreign market 


2 Why can we copy the Newest Italy design? 

Because we are not only paper products manufacturer,but also we are machine manufacturer , you can check our machine website: www.bakingcupmachine.com We have near 12 year experience in manufacture baking paper products machine, so we can make any Newest Italy design baking paper products. 

3. Why can we offer the Lowest price in China? 

All machine is made by ourselves,so we donot need to buy machine from othes machine factory,it will save big money so we can sell the cup cheaper than other China competitor




Contact: Kevin

Phone: +8613928762300

E-mail: info@bakingcup.com

Add: Shangsha Road,Lishui,Nanhai,Foshan,China

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